Job opening: Post-Doc specialized in DFT calcuations

CMPL investigates novel concepts of heterogeneous catalytic materials for applications in renewable and environmentally friendly energy and chemical production.


Research Fields

1. Fundamental Understanding of Catalysts
* Shape and Composition-Controlled Nanocrystals: Metals and Metal Oxides
* Single-Atomic Catalysts with Enhanced Activity and Selectivity
* Controlling Interaction Between Metal Active Sites and Supports

2. Applications for Energy and Environment
* Fuel Cell Catalyst: Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Formic Acid Oxidation, Water Electrolysis
* Automobile Exhaust Treatment: DOC, LNT
* C1 Conversion: Direct Methane Oxidation
* CO2 Reduction: Electrochemical Conversion, Pressurized Gas Reaction, Photocatalytic Reactions