We are investigating heterogeneous catalysts, particularly by controlling surface atomic structure.

Job opening: Post-Doc (DFT calculations, Gas-phase reactions, Electrocatalysis), Ph.D. and M. S. students

1. Fundamental Understanding of Catalysts
* Shape and Composition-Controlled Nanocrystals: Metals and Metal Oxides
* Single-Atomic Catalysts with Enhanced Activity and Selectivity
* Controlling Interaction Between Metal Active Sites and Supports

2. Applications for Energy and Environment
* Electrochemical Catalyst: Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Formic Acid Oxidation, Water Electrolysis
* Gas-phase Reactions: Selective Hydrogenation, Durable Oxidation
* CO2 Reduction: Electrochemical Conversion, Pressurized Gas Reaction, Photocatalytic Reactions