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[137] Younhwa Kim, Sungsu Kang, Dohun Kang, Kyung Rok Lee, Chyan Kyung Song, Jongbaek Sung, Ji Soo Kim, Hyunjoo Lee, Jungwon Park*, Jongheop Yi*
Single-Phase Formation of Rh2O3 Nanoparticles on h-BN Support for Highly Controlled Methane Partial Oxidation to Syngas
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 60, 25411 (2021) [pdf]

[136] Young Jun Lee, Hee-Eun Kim, Eoyoon Lee, Joonho Lee, Sangyong Shin, Hongseok Yun, Eun Ji Kim, Hanbit Jung, Hyung Chul Ham, Bumjoon J. Kim* and Hyunjoo Lee* (Y. J. Lee and H.-E. Kim equally contributed)
Ultra-low Pt Loaded Porous Carbon Microparticles with Controlled Channel Structure for High-Performance Fuel Cell Catalysts
Advanced Energy Materials, 11, 2102970 (2021) [pdf]

[135] Minsu Kim, Gihun Kwon, Wan-Gil Jung, Yunji Choi, Bong-Joong Kim*, and Hyunjoo Lee* (M. Kim, G. Kwon and W-. G. Jung equally contributed)
Direct Observation of Rh Ex-Solution from Ceria Nano-Domain and Its Use for Hydrogen Production via Propane Steam Reforming
ACS Applied Materials & Interface, 13, 41, 48508-48515 (2021) [pdf]

[134] Hyunjoo Lee*, Phil Woong Kang, Robert Haaring
Cheap Zn–Cu Powders Enable Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
Chem Catalysis, 1(3), 493-494 (2021) [pdf]

[133] Junemin Bae, Dongjae Shin, Hojin Jeong, Chanyeong Choe, Yunji Choi, Jeong Woo Han, Hyunjoo Lee*
Facet-Dependent Mn Doping on Shaped Co3O4 Crystals for Catalytic Oxidation
ACS Catalysis, 11, 17, 11066-11074 (2021) [pdf] Selected as Back Cover Image

[132] Sun Seo Jeon, Jinkyu Lim, Phil Woong Kang, Jae Won Lee, Gihun Kang, Hyunjoo Lee*
Design Principles of NiFe Layered Double Hydroxide Anode Catalysts for Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzer
ACS Applied Materials & Interface, 13, 31, 37179-37186 (2021) [pdf] Selected as Front Cover Image

[131] Gihun Kwon, Gunjoo Kim and Hyunjoo Lee*
Continuous Methane to Ethane Conversion Using Gaseous Oxygen on Ceria-based Pd Catalysts at Low Temperatures
Applied Catalysis A: General, 623, 118245 (2021) [pdf]

[130] Beom-Sik Kim, Junemin Bae, Hojin Jeong, Chanyeong Choe, and Hyunjoo Lee*
Surface Restructuring of Supported Nano-Ceria for Improving Sulfur Resistance
ACS Catalysis, 11, 12, 7154-7159 (2021) [pdf]

[129] Hyun Suk Lim, Gunjoo Kim, Yikyeom Kim, Minbeom Lee, Dohyung Kang, Hyunjoo Lee and Jae Woo Lee*
Ni-exsolved La1-xCaxNiO3 perovskites for improving CO2 methanation
Chem. Eng. J. 412, 15, 127557 (2021) [pdf]

[128] Ji-Yong Kim, Deokgi Hong, Jae-Chan Lee, Hyoung Gyun Kim, Sungwoo Lee, Sangyong Shin, Beomil Kim, Hyunjoo Lee, Miyoung Kim, Gun-Do Lee, Jihun Oh, Dae-Hyun Nam,* and Young-Chang Joo*
Quasi-graphitic carbon shell-induced Cu confinement promotes electrocatalytic CO2 reduction toward C2+ products
Nature Commun., 12, 3765 (2021) [pdf]

[127] Ju Ye Kim, Woonghyeon Park, Changhyeok Choi, Gukbo Kim, Kyeong Min Cho, Jinkyu Lim, Seon Joon Kim, Ahmed Al-Saggaf, Issam Gereige, Hyunjoo Lee, Woo-Bin Jung*, Yousung Jung*, and Hee-Tae Jung*
High Facets on Nanowrinkled Cu via Chemical Vapor Deposition Graphene Growth for Efficient CO2 Reduction into Ethanol
ACS Catalysis, 11, 9, 5658–5665 (2021) [pdf]

[126] Hee-Eun Kim, Sangyong Shin, and Hyunjoo Lee*
Pt-IrOx Catalysts Immobilized on Defective Carbon for Efficient Reversal Tolerant Anode in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Journal of Catalysis, 395, 404-411 (2021) [pdf]

[125] Gunjoo Kim, Gihun Kwon, and Hyunjoo Lee*
Role of Surface Hydroxyl Groups on Single-Atomic Rh1/ZrO2 Catalyst for Direct Methane Oxidation
Chem. Commun. 57, 1671-1674 (2021) [pdf]

[124] Min Suk Choi, Hojin Jeong, and Hyunjoo Lee*
Re-Dispersion of Pd-based Bimetallic Catalysts by Hydrothermal Treatment for CO Oxidation
RSC Advances, 11, 3104-3109 (2021) [pdf]

[123] Young-Woo You, Young Jin Kim, Jin Hee Lee, Malik Waqar Arshad , Seok Ki Kim, Soo Min Kim, Hyunjoo Lee, Levi T. Thompson, Iljeong Heo*
Unraveling the Origin of Extraordinary Lean NOx Reduction by CO over Ir-Ru Bimetallic Catalyst at Low Temperature
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 280, 119374 (2021) [pdf]

[122] Younhwa Kim, Tae Yong Kim, Chyan Kyung Song, Kyung Rok Lee, Seongjun Bae, Hongseok Park, Danim Yun, Yang Sik Yun, Inho Nam, Jungwon Park, Hyunjoo Lee, Jongheop Yi*
Redox-driven restructuring of lithium molybdenum oxide nanoclusters boosts the selective oxidation of methane
Nano Energy, 82, 105704 (2021) [pdf]