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[147] Hyesung Lee, Choah Kwon, Changjoon Keum, Hee-Eun Kim, Hyunjoo Lee, Byungchan Han*, Sang-Yup Lee*
Methane partial oxidation by monomeric Cu active center confined on ZIF-7
Chemical Engineering Journal, 450, 138472 (2022) [pdf]

[146] Chansol Kim, Ji-Yoon Song, Changhyeok Choi, Jin Pil Ha, Wonmoo Lee, Yoon-Tae Nam, Dong-myeong Lee, Gunjoo Kim, Issam Gereige, Woo-Bin Jung, Hyunjoo Lee, Yousung Jung*Hyeonsu Jeong*, Hee-Tae Jung*
Atomic-Scale Homogeneous Ru–Cu Alloy Nanoparticles for Highly Efficient Electrocatalytic Nitrogen Reduction
Advanced Materials, 34, 2205270 (2022) [pdf]

[145] Jinkyu Lim,* Angel T. Garcia-Esparza, Jae Won Lee, Gihun Kang, Sangyong Shin, Sun Seo Jeon, Hyunjoo Lee*
Electrodeposited Sn-Cu@Sn dendrites for selective electrochemical CO2 reduction to formic acid
Nanoscale, 14, 9297-9303 (2022) [pdf]

[144] Se-Ho Kim*, Su-Hyun Yoo, Sangyong Shin, Ayman A. El-Zoka, Olga Kasian, Joohyun Lim, Jiwon Jeong, Christina Scheu, Jörg Neugebauer, Hyunjoo Lee, Mira Todorova, Baptiste Gault*
Controlled Doping of Electrocatalysts through Engineering Impurities
Advanced Materials, 34, 2203030 (2022) [pdf]

[143] Hee-Eun Kim, Jaehoon Kwon, and Hyunjoo Lee*
Catalytic Approaches Towards Highly Durable Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells with Minimized Pt Use
Chemical Science, 13, 6782-6795 (2022) [pdf]

[142] Gunjoo Kim, Sangyong Shin, Yunji Choi, Jinwoong Kim, Geonhwa Kim, Ki-Jeong Kim and Hyunjoo Lee*
Gas-Permeable Iron-Doped Ceria Shell on Rh Nanoparticles with High Activity and Durability
JACS Au, 2(5), 1115–1122 (2022) [pdf]

[141] Sangyong Shin, Robert Haaring, Jungseob So, Yunji Choi, Hyunjoo Lee*
Highly Durable Heterogeneous Atomic Catalysts
Accounts of Chemical Research,  55(10), 1372–1382 (2022) [pdf] Selected as Front Cover Image

[140] Jinkyu Lim, Gihun Kang, Jae Won Lee, Sun Seo Jeon, Hyeseong Jeon, Phil Woong Kang and Hyunjoo Lee* (J. Lim and G. Kang equally contributed)
Amorphous Ir atomic clusters anchored on crystalline IrO2 nanoneedles for proton exchange membrane water oxidation
Journal of Power Sources, 524, 231069 (2022) [pdf]

[139] Young Jun Lee, Hee-Eun Kim, Hyunkyu Oh, Hongseok Yun, Joonho Lee, Sangyong Shin, Hyunjoo Lee,* and Bumjoon J. Kim* (Y. J. Lee and H.-E. Kim equally contributed)
Lens-Shaped Carbon Particles with Perpendicularly-Oriented Channels for High-Performance Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
ACS Nano, 16(2), 2988–2996 (2022) [pdf]

[138] Phil Woong Kang, Jinkyu Lim, Robert Haaring, and Hyunjoo Lee*
Photo-Assisted Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Using a Translucent Thin Film Electrode
Chem. Commun. 58, 1918-1921(2022) [pdf]